My Masters of Arts in Psychology combined with my spiritually-honed intuition allows me to hear the hearts and spirits of my clients and bring them through a self-reflective discovery process to find themselves, God and, ultimately, love.  

After my own path to purity was riddled with rocky relationships, heartbreaks and hard lessons, I eventually embarked on a new journey to search my soul, find myself, and figure out why in the heck no one was marrying me. That process led me to a deepened connection to Christ, discovery of myself and embracing a new approach to dating and love, including celibacy. 

With a newfound superpower to date discerningly, I kicked up my stilettos, opened my heart and healed my way into the best romantic experiences of my life.  

Now married to the man of my dreams, I transparently share my inspiring personal story to show other women that their happily ever after awaits too. From flirting to following God to the altar, I meet women where they are with real answers to real questions about romance, dating and love.  

Driven by my passion for positive marriages, I launched my coaching practice to restore hope for women who wish to be wives, teaching you how to identify and celebrate men who desire to be husbands. Offering more than just advice, my tried-and-true theories and natural girlfriend-next-door genuineness make me the dating coach every woman needs by her side.  

I’m real, relatable and honest about who I am and where I’ve been. 

I have lived, loved and detoured my way down a trail to true happiness. I am —and always will be—a hopeless romantic, who passionately endorses the extraordinary power of heaven-sent love. I am a woman who believes that gratifying, loving relationships are more than possible.  

I believe true love is promised—by God…I want this for YOU! 



The Don’t Before I Do is the relationship guide for women who are done with the vicious cycle of bad boyfriends, broken hearts and are ready to finally find their forever love. Dating and Relationship Coach Emily McKnight spends her time encouraging the modern woman who has lived and loved to do both differently to yield a new, more fulfilling result.

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