Dating and relationships can sometimes be hard. 

You’ve asked your friends, your family, prayed about it and you are still unsure, stuck, can’t seem to move forward, and you just need a non-biased listening ear.

I'll help you become irresistible!

My personal consultations give you just that.  With my 20 years of dating experience, I have been through it all, trust me.  I took my mistakes and turned them into victories and I want that for you, too.  I’ll listen to your scenario and transform it into a clear, concrete action plan on how to move forward to better days.

How we can work together:

Email Consult

Ask any and all questions you can fit in an email, and I will reply within 24-hours.  This is similar to a quick and immediate response to “Girl, what should I do?”.

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1-hr Telephone Consult

You’ll give full details of your scenario, I will make a thorough assessment and compile a short-term masterplan to alleviate your current pain point and provide an attainable next step, closer to your goal.

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Private Consulting - Client Application

These private consulting packages are designed to identify and meet you where you are and advance you through each phase of the courtship process in 3, 6 or 12-month durations. Premium clients undergo an application that requires a deposit, and a preliminary interview to determine if this package is a good fit, for both of us.

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