What Are You Willing NOT to do to Get The Love of Your Life?  

The Don’t Before I Do is the relationship guide for women who are done with the vicious cycle of bad boyfriends, broken hearts and are ready to finally find their forever love. Dating and Relationship Coach Emily McKnight spends her time encouraging the modern woman who has lived and loved to do both differently to yield a new, more fulfilling result. Her desire is for women to identify the faults in their previous methods to find love and identify a more healthy and successful approach.   

In The Don’t Before I Do, Emily shares advice, encouragement and personal pitfalls she experienced during her own love journey to “I do.”  After 20 years of serial dating defined by lies, deceit, disrespect, and shattered hearts, Emily took her dating fate into her own hands. In the process, she discovered a new superpower that resulted in everything that had been eluding her: countless dates, being wined and dined, gifts, flowers, and more!  Unbeknownst to her, she would soon meet the one man who was willing to lay it all on the line just to win her heart forever. So, what turned things around? A series of think-first steps towards forever love and away from the vicious cycle of heartbreak.  

Emily reveals it all in her brutally honest, page turning, girlfriend-let-me-tell-you style. She shares every relationship, every mishap and, most importantly, every lesson learned that led her down the aisle.

This is the relationship book you’ve been waiting for to show you:

  • how to date better
  • how to live more
  • how to grab a hold of the forever love you’ve been searching for

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About the Author  

Emily McKnight currently lives in Ames, Iowa with her devoted husband, two beautiful daughters, beloved son, and a third daughter on the way. With a Master’s degree in Psychology and a successful consulting practice in full swing, she is currently pursuing her doctorate degree in Human Development and Family Studies and conducting extensive research on interpersonal relationships that lead to marriage. In the next chapter of her life, Emily will be the foremost authority on successful dating experiences for single women who desire marriage. In business and in life, Emily’s motto is “I am here for you.” Because she is. 

The day I said "I do" was worth every "don't" before that day.