Live webinar with Q&A to follow.

Live webinar with Q&A to follow.


"The Courage to Love Again"

LIVE Event Date:  Thursday, November 8th at 8:00 PM CT

Have you ever experienced hurt so bad during a relationship and/or marriage, where you’re just like “I’m done!”, “Over it!”, “I’ll just remain single for the rest of my life!” Or are you at a point where you may be healed and whole, but just flat out SCARED to even go there with anyone else, considering what has happened to you in the past?

Join myself, and guest presenter, LaKisha M. Johnson, for a FREE Masterclass on how to muster up the courage to love again after a devastating event.  LaKisha of LMJ ministries has such a compelling story, you will not want to miss what she will teach us about love found, love lost and the courage to love again!

In this class you will learn:

1) Ways to dissect and learn from what has happened and put things into proper perspective.

2) How to turn to God for healing and restoration.

3) Steps to take to eventually have the courage to start dating and/or marry again.

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level up.png

Level Up:  From Girlfriend to Wife - $10

Level Up:  From Girlfriend to Wife

This masterclass is for any woman who is ready to learn what it takes to go from girlfriend to WIFE!

God wants to prepare you for the man HE has designed perfectly for you, and yes that requires CHANGE on your part.

Learn how to become that woman, your future husband's wife now!  This year is your year.  It's time!

What you’ll learn:

  • How to think and act like a wife NOW

  • …if you are super single

  • …if you are actively dating

  • …if you are in a relationship

  • How all of this prepares you for your future husband, even before he finds you

I’m celibate, now what_ - $10.png

I'm celibate, now what? - $10

I'm celibate, now what?

What you’ll learn

  • What immediate things to do once you’ve decided

  • How to fight sexual urges (because they WILL creep in)

  • The best time to tell someone you are celibate

  • 3 core survival tips to guarantee success

change the game.png

Change the Game, Date Differently - $10

Change the Game, Date Differently


  • Why its important to date differently, if you want different results

  • What dating differently actually looks like for marriage-minded women

  • 4 key game changes that’ll take your dating life to a new level

13 reasons why.png




  • Growing weary of praying and waiting? Learn how this could be both a good or bad thing

  • 13 reasons why you could possibly be still single (you may identify with more than 1)

  • Action steps you can take to move out of this season


How-to Guide to Courtship (3-part series) - $15


This master class is for the person who is ready to date differently, to finally do things God's way but not quite sure how to start.  Not sure what to say, what to ask, where to go, etc.  I'm taking you back to the basics, and teaching you exactly HOW to date, how to be courted properly, from the first date, all the way to engagement. 

In this series, you will learn:

Part 1:  Dates 1 - 3

Part 2:  Dates 4 -commitment; commitment to “in love”

Part 3: “In love” to engagement; engagement to the altar

  • How to act on dates during each phase

    1. What questions to ask

    2. How to recognize intention, chemistry, and red flags

    3. How to always know what phase you are in

    4. How to keep God at the forefront at all times

This 3-part series may be exactly what you need to change the game for good.  Courtship is the new dating game.  Listen in to understand how it’s done.  

The Secret to Chivalry - $10


I spent thousands of dollars learning this one simple technique that if done properly, without wavering, would result in opened doors, pulled out chairs, flowers, gifts, wined and dined, handwritten love letters, you name it.

In this class, you will learn:

1) The time-tested method that every single woman should know and incorporate in her routine dating life.

2) When to apply that method and why it’s important for men to thrive and pursue, willingly.

3) What to do when you are applying the method and not getting the response you are expecting

4) When is a good time to reciprocate, and show YOUR appreciation and how much to spend (yes, there are limits).

Confusion to Clarity - $10


YOU ARE CONFUSED!  You don’t know what to do with this man?  You don’t know where you stand in the relationship? You are unclear whether you should stay or if you should go.

In this class, you will learn:

1) The first thing you should do IMMEDIATELY before seriously evaluating your situation

2) How to take a “step back” to look at the situation for what it is.

3) How to look inward to identify your role in this.

4) Two step-by-step actions plans that you can take.  Whichever plan that you choose, clarity and satisfaction is guaranteed.

New Beginnings - $10


So… you are newly single, or maybe been single for a while but ready to try a new approach.  In a nutshell, you are TIRED, TIRED of the same ole same ole and want something different.

In this class, you will learn:

1) The one thing you should do BEFORE you get back out there.

2) How to know exactly what you want and not settle for anything less

3) What to do in your “meantime”

4) Once you do meet someone, the 5 rules to start the chase, from the start